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APRIL 8, 2017 (I was in the grocery store this morning and made sure I checked the expiration date on some packaged items. This afternoon, when looking for a blog to post this one just popped up! Published in November of 2012. Blessings njp)


When we shop we look at the expiration dates on the food we buy. On the coupons we cut out. On the medicines we take. On the duration of a sale that is going on. We look for the words, “Use by_______” or Void after________.” We want to make sure we have not passed that expiration date.

Isn’t it wonderful that the spiritual labels on and in God’s Word (the Bible) have NO EXPIRATION DATE!

His perfect love for us does not spoil, lose its flavor, or change in any way! God’s words are perfect for us from the moment we are born until we join Him in Heaven!

In this world, we sometimes use the word forever lightly – without really thinking about what forever truly means – without end! The concordance in my Bible has 68 references to the word forever! The psalms are full of these verses!

Check out: Psalm 9:7 Psalm 37:28 Psalm 72:19 Psalm 86:12 Psalm 118:1 Psalm 126:1 and especially Psalm 136 where each of the 26 verses has the refrain, “His love endures forever”!

Thankful for His enduring love!

PSALMS Precious Sayings About Loving My Savior

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